Guinness Draught

May 27th, 2011 by in Disneyland Resort Beer Reviews, Walt Disney World Beer Reviews

Many say the Guinness served here in the States doesn’t taste the same as the Guinness served in Ireland, its home country. Since I’ve never been to Ireland, I can’t say for sure whether that’s true or not. Like Boddingtons Pub Ale, this one came from a nitrogen-pressurized can. The effect is much the same as the Boddingtons; the nitrogen makes this an extremely smooth and creamy beer with a nice head. It has a light coffee and chocolate flavor and is used in many of the Rose and Crown’s blends. Despite its dark color it’s a bit of a thin beer; a stout like this could be a bit thicker.

  • Bob Basl

    Have you tried the Guinness Extra Stout? It only comes in bottles. It is a lot heavier, has half again as much ABV and more hoppy bitterness. Only in the last year did I realize Draught and Extra Stout are two different beers. I kind of like that the Draught is smoother and has less ABV (~4.3?) – makes it more of a session beer. Surprisingly low carbs, too!


    • Scott Post author

      I haven’t had Extra Stout yet. Guinness has also brought another brew called Foreign Extra to the US recently, which I haven’t tried either.


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