Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA

April 30th, 2012 by in Disneyland Resort Beer Reviews, Walt Disney World Beer Reviews

Torpedo is a bit of a strange name for a beer. Just by looking at the label it doesn’t make much sense since it’s the Sierra Nevada logo with Torpedo written under it. No real hints there. So why Torpedo?

Here’s the description straight from the Sierra Nevada website:

Our obsession with harnessing huge hop flavor led to the development of what we call the hop torpedo, a revolutionary method of dry-hopping designed, built, and debuted here at the brewery. Our torpedo is a sleek, stainless-steel piece of hardware that delivers more pure hop aroma than any method of dry-hopping we’ve ever seen.

This IPA has a bright copper/orange color with lighter scents of pine and citrus. Taste is similar to the smell; fairly balanced with the pine and citrus hoppy flavors backed by a bready malt. The hops linger on the palate long after taking a drink. It’s not overly bitter, but definitely a good representation of an IPA.

Torpedo is currently on the standard Walt Disney World bar menu and can be found at most table service and lounge locations. It’s definitely one of the best beers on that menu, which makes it a good choice when you’re at a location with the shared menu and not much else.

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