Sierra Nevada Kellerweis

April 2nd, 2012 by in Walt Disney World Beer Reviews

My first impression of the Kellerweis was wow, this is good and is a perfect representation of an American Hefeweizen beer. Then after my first sip I was bummed as I always forget to roll my wheat beer bottles before I pour them. When serving your wheat beers they should be cloudy and not able to see through them. I believe my first attempt and tasting this beer ended up with a glass that looked similar to a blonde or light pale ale. My second attempt ended with a better pour. Either way I was able to get a good representation of this beer.

Kellerweis Hefeweizen

Aroma: Strong, but good ester appearance, very much along the line of a banana aroma. This would be coming for the selected yeast style and it shows they picked a yeast to showcase the banana character instead of the somewhat clove aroma.

Appearance: After properly rolling the bottle I was able to get a nice cloudy glass with a decent amount of head on the top that did disappear but left behind a nice thin layer of tiny off-white bubbles.

Flavor: That ester/yeast character in the aroma does change a bit in the taste, now not only do you get the pleasant banana flavors, but you also get an appearance from the clove characters. The clove is not as strong as it could be in other beers of this style, but that does leave this to be a bit more of a sweeter beer. There is little to almost no hop bitterness and truly does show that this beer is trying to showcase the wheat and yeast flavors.

Mouthfeel:     This is a medium bodied beer that does get most of its body from the amount of carbonation. That being said this would be an easy drinking beer to go with a good meal at Biergarten, or you could just enjoy it on a nice stroll around the parks.

However you want to drink it, it’s a light drinker that will refresh you and bring you a pleasant experience as compared to a heavy beer that you would want to drink while sitting down.  ENJOY!


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