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My First Homebrewing Experience Part 3 (The Beer!)

A long, long time ago (December) I wrote about brewing my first batch of homebrew (part 1 and part 2). Now it’s time to drink the fruits of my labor! After finishing the wonderful bottling process, the instructions recommended letting the beer carbonate for two weeks. With Christmas, illness, and everything else going on in… → Read More

My First Homebrewing Experience Part 2

Ken was right; bottling is basically the worst. This kit didn’t come with a secondary fermenter, so the fermentation all occurred in the primary fermenter over two weeks. I brought the fermenter out and put it on the counter, opening the lid. It smells pretty good, but first the bottles and equipment need to be sanitized. Clean… → Read More

My First Homebrewing Experience Part 1

The other night I started on my first batch of homebrewed beer. A few weeks ago LivingSocial had a deal for a fairly inexpensive homebrewing starter kit from Midwest Supplies. I took them up on the offer and a few days later had a homebrewing kit at my door. The biggest pot I had in… → Read More

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