Scott’s June Walt Disney World Trip: The Restaurants Part 2

April 2nd, 2013 by in Walt Disney World Trip Articles

We’re under 70 days until our family trip to Walt Disney World, so let’s take a look at the rest of the table service restaurants we’re planning to dine in. Previously I’ve discussed the resort, Port Orleans Riverside, and the restaurants for the first part of the trip.

Wednesday will be our Disney-MGM, I mean Disney’s Hollywood Studios day. I’m not a fan of the food in Hollywood Studios, so I had other ideas for our dinner and ended up choosing a restaurant that makes me a little nervous. Don’t get me wrong, I really want to give Big River Grille and Brewing Works a try. I fully intend to have a beer flight and dinner there. However, they don’t take reservations. Just the fact that we don’t have a reservation has me a little uneasy on this one though. Maybe we don’t need one. We’ll see.

Thursday we’ll go head-first into the controversial Be Our Guest Restaurant, the first restaurant to serve alcohol in the Magic Kingdom. Honestly, my feelings on this have died down; most likely we will not see a ton of drunk guests walking around the Magic Kingdom at night. Instead, it’s looking more like a place where you can have a nice meal in the Magic Kingdom and have an alcoholic beverage if you choose. A Chimay Blue or a Saison Dupont sounds like a really good choice here.


I didn’t really make plans for Friday so that we could play it by ear and catch up on anything we may have missed. Therefore, I didn’t have a dinner reservation scheduled for Friday night, our last night in Walt Disney World. However, ‘Ohana was requested and since Friday night was free I scheduled dinner there. Kona beers are usually served here and at the nearby Tambu Lounge, so that’s probably what I would have.

Next time I write one of these, I’ll be looking at some other spots I’m interested in checking out!

  • Estelle

    We went to Big River in the middle of the afternoon and it was completely dead, but on other occasions, there HAS been a long wait. It’s nice to have a back up plan over there I think. We normally end up at ESPN or maybe you can try the Crew’s Cup in the Yacht Club?

    BR also has seating outside so you might really luck out. I’m not sure how busy that June day will be there.

    So jealous you get to have dinner at Be Our Guest. Our friend who told us not to bother with lunch there said dinner is AMAZING and so worth the money. As you probably know, James do enjoy those beer choices.

    Ohana is great when you are with a group of people. James and I went alone on our first trip to WDW and it was just SO much food. We both agreed we want to go back but will recruit a group of people to join us. (Random strangers? Maybe!)

    I can’t wait to hear more about your trip! I miss the food so much already. (Are you going to stop into Tutto Gusto? We went in for espresso and dessert and they had all new beers in there.)


    • Scott Post author

      Forgot to mention we went to ‘Ohana last time and loved it, which is why it was requested again. All that delicious meat. Mmm… meat…

      I’ve had my eye on BOG for a while; surprisingly it was very easy to get a reservation online when I did them. It was 5 in the morning or something on the 180 day mark though!

      I’m really hoping to do Big River, but if we need to we can do ESPN Club instead; we’ve been there before and it was alright. There are so many restaurants along there that we might be able to grab something else. Kouzzina (possibly Jenn’s favorite restaurant in WDW) is right there, and Crew’s Cup isn’t a bad idea either. This could all be avoided though if Big River took reservations!

      We’re doing Via Napoli, but I may stop into Tutto Gusto at some point as well. I probably won’t get to everywhere I want to check out though. I’ve just added the Germany shops to the list since they have those beer steins that were on DFB yesterday!


  • Keith

    If you don’t go to Brown Derby while at the Studios, then you are missing a true opportunity…the Brown Derby is easily one of, if not the best, in-park restaurant in the country. Not only is the food, theming, and ambiance outstanding, but they also have great classic cocktails and some great beers (Trois Pistoles, Tucher Kristal, La Fin Du Monde, and Sam Adams seasonals)


  • Kristen

    Big River Grille is a good place to visit for some beers but don’t build up your expectations for the food. It’s nothing special. They have a very plain American menu – some steaks, some shrimp, nachos, a generic spinach artichoke dip. It’s certainly not one of the highlights of my last trip to Disney. I say go for a few drinks, and then enjoy some desserts at the newly reopened Boardwalk Bakery.


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