Stone IPA

May 27th, 2011 by in Other Beer Reviews

Stone, a brewery in San Diego, CA, loves to make a strong beer; they refer to the brews as “big character ales”. Sometimes, they go overboard. Stone’s IPA, however, is pretty good. It’s a one-trick pony; hops dominate the flavor throughout, giving the beer a citrus aroma and bitter taste with citrus notes. It’s also a bit dry, and the taste gets more flavorful as it warms up a bit.

When a beer is ice cold, it numbs the taste buds and makes it difficult to taste the beer. Letting the beer warm a little makes it easier for your taste buds to taste the beer. Therefore, “ice cold” indicators on beer, especially the big American beers, are counter-productive. Instead, enjoy the beer as it warms; you might taste something new.

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