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Stella Artois Cidre

InBev decided to expand the Stella Artois line by adding a cider, or “Cidre”. I guess that’s supposed to make it sound fancy. The bottle also claims that it’s made with hand-picked apples. Is it? Who knows. I picked up this bomber (24 ounces) of Cidre for around $6.00 at the store. At the 2014… → Read More

Stella Artois

Tonight we decided to eat at the Fish City Grill, a seafood restaurant that somewhat reminds me of home. The beer of the month is Stella, so I decided to have one. I first had Stella in Scotland last year and enjoyed it. The beer came filled to the brim without any head at all;… → Read More

Stella Won’t You Take Me Home

I don’t have one beer that is my absolute favorite, but this beer is currently one of my all time favorites! I will never turn down a Stella. This beer has great flavor and isn’t too sweet or too bitter. If you haven’t had one, head over to the Tambu lounge at the Polynesian Resort… → Read More

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