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Shock Top Belgian White

“Live life unfiltered.” That’s the Shock Top slogan, and it’s easy to see why. This Belgian white ale is a cloudy yellow-orange because it’s not filtered before bottling. The brew is made by the Shock Top Brewing Company in Memphis, Tennessee, but further research shows that Shock Top is a subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch. Let’s judge the beer… → Read More

Samuel Adams Imperial White

I bought another pick 6 from the grocery store, and Samuel Adams Imperial White is the first brew out of the pack. Wow, this beer delivers a kick in the teeth! It has a strong citrus taste with a alcoholic bite. This is quite a sweet beer and lacks a hoppy bitterness though. It’s also… → Read More

Coolest Car Ever!

We stopped at a local beer & wine shop in Maryland and saw this car. Not only was it my favorite color; it even has a tap built in! Shock Top beer is great too!

As recommended by @hwork

It’s really good!

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