Dogfish Head Theobroma

December 10th, 2010 by in Other Beer Reviews

Tonight I’m drinking Dogfish Head Theobroma, an ale suggested to me by @MinnieMGirl on Twitter.

From the bottle: “Theobroma, or ‘Food of the Gods,’ is a recreation of the premier chocolate beverage of the Americas, intended only for the gods, kings, and the elite. This liquid time capsule is based on the earliest chemical and archaeological evidence of cacao in the New World, dating to before 1100 B.C., and enhanced by natural additives of the later Mayan and Aztec drinks.”

Here’s the pour:

It’s delicious and a great recommendation except for one thing.  As you can see, this is a 750ml wine-style bottle.  However, the bottle has a standard pry-off cap is not resealable.  Fortunately, I had a wine cork available to put into the bottle.

Overall, one of many great beers from Dogfish Head.

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