Dogfish Head Aprihop

April 9th, 2012 by in Other Beer Reviews

Happy Easter!

Each year in the spring Dogfish Head releases Aprihop as its seasonal beer. After dyeing eggs with the kids last night, I sat down and enjoyed one of these. Aprihop isn’t just a beer that should be consumed in the month of April; it’s named for the apricots the beer is brewed with.

Aprihop is a darker orange color with a nice white head. Some light floral and caramel scents in the nose. Apricot notes up front with a sweetness followed by lightly bitter citrus hops. Even though this is classified as an IPA, it’s very smooth and drinkable. Carbonation is light but nice and the beer goes down easy even with 7% ABV.

It just so happens that the name Aprihop fits right in with Easter. April is usually the month Easter falls in and bunnies hop. I doubt this is what Dogfish Head had in mind when they named the beer, but hey, it works. Enjoy this one while you can; once June rolls around Aprihop will start getting scarce!

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