Lagunitas India Pale Ale

May 12th, 2011 by in Other Beer Reviews

The bottle makes it abundantly clear: this is an IPA, or India Pale Ale. If the 1.5 inch tall letters aren’t enough, the description around the border refers to it as a “homicidally hoppy ale”. When I poured the beer and tasted, unsurprisingly, it tastes like an IPA. I’m not sure I agree with the label’s statement, however. The Stone Ruination IPA I had previously would be “homicidally hoppy” in my opinion. Lagunitas’ IPA, on the other hand, is definitely a hoppy beer, but not one that’s going to overwhelm your taste buds. Although I disagree a bit with the marketing description, the label’s slogan (next to the picture of the dog) sums it up quite well: “Doggone good.”

  • Reilly williamson

    Beer speaks, people mumble..


  • Ken Goyette

    I agree with the non-hopiness of this, I think it’s really well balanced. If you want to see what Lagunitas can do with Hops, check out their Hop Stoopid…So Hoppy it burns your mouth…


  • Jason

    If you’d like a hoppy beer that lives up to the hype try Bell’s Hopslam. It clocks in around 10% and at about $16/6-pack. I don’t know the IBU but it’s got to be high enough to balance the 10% abv.


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