Lagunitas New Dogtown Pale Ale

October 19th, 2011 by in Other Beer Reviews

Hello there pumpkins.  As much as you would have thought that I had totally disappeared from this blog, I haven’t.  I just suck at blogging.  But last night at around 3am when I couldn’t sleep I was chatting with Siri on my new iPhone 4S and I told her to “remind me to write a beers and ears article tomorrow at 8am.”  Word, she did. So this morning in an attempt to backlog all the ones I wanted to review I went into Brewski Me and realized I left off wanting to review some Lagunitas I taste tested back in the middle of August.  August?  Embarrassing.  It is October.  I also may not have pictures anymore so enter: stock photos.  Coming up in this series of reviews: Lagunitas A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’, IPA Maximus, and the Censored.  First up, the New Dogtown Pale Ale.  Also remember I have a love affair with their Pils and you can check out that post here.


I’m actually not sure what kinds of beers I like. Because according to Lagunitas this is an incredibly hoppy, bitter beer and my husband the Pils isn’t. Really?  So then what is an IPA in comparison to this pale ale because I don’t like that as much.  I digress.  Regardless, the New Dogtown Pale Ale is my second favorite Lag.  It is definitely, to me, more bitter than the Pils (isn’t it funny how I always capitalize Pils as if it is a formal special name?)  and doesn’t have as much of a unique flavor. However, it is good and crisp and clean and a fantastic, not as heavy drink. To me, the Pils is a “sipper”. You certainly aren’t going to play a drinking game with that beer. And while I probably still wouldn’t with the New Dogtown it is a little lighter to me. The ABV is 6.2% so probably don’t drive home.

A case at your local wine and craft beer store will run you around $8.99 and is worth the try. Let me know what you think of the beer and that amazing stock photo!

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  • Ken Goyette

    Think of a Pale Ale as a little brother to an IPA. Still bitter, but not as much so. There are IPA’s that aren’t as hoppy and are more balanced. If you can get it the Hop Devil by Troegs is a really good balanced IPA without to much of the bitter hop flavor


  • Jenn

    Ha, considering I posted a review from a beer I had in March only a few weeks ago… you’re doing better than me! 🙂


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