Lagunitas Sucks Holiday Ale (Part Deux)

December 8th, 2011 by in Other Beer Reviews

Lagunitas Sucks again? Didn’t Katie already review this beer?

Yes, yes she did.

Maybe I suck for reviewing it again. You decide.

Lagunitas says they suck for not being able to make BrownShugga’ this year. In my opinion it’s for a good reason though. They didn’t have the capacity to make BrownShugga’, which takes a longer time to brew than most of their other beers, because their new brewhouse wasn’t ready.

Why wasn’t it ready?

Here’s why. The new brewhouse was on its way to Panama en route to its final destination in Petaluma, CA when the ship it was on encountered a major storm. The tank was destroyed by a crane on the ship that came loose. More pictures of the wreckage here.

Take a whiff of this one and it blasts you with a strong apricot scent. The taste has lots of fruity flavor along with a large dose of hops. It reminds me a bit of Divine Reserve #11. I haven’t tried BrownShugga’, but this is a definitely a good beer.

I hesitate to mention, because I know Katie will read this, that this is what she would refer to as a double raincloud. That’s a double IPA to the rest of us. Yet she likes it, so maybe rainclouds aren’t as bad as she thinks they are.

This might be a bit of a tough one to find as it’s a limited release and it’s not certain this beer will make an appearance annually. If Lagunitas hass the capacity once the brewhouse is up and running, I think they should start brewing both Sucks Holiday Ale and BrownShugga’ for the holidays.

It’s not really a holiday ale in the traditional sense; it doesn’t “taste like Christmas”. Lagunitas Sucks is very good though, and definitely worth a taste if you can get one!

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