Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy

May 20th, 2011 by in Other Beer Reviews


Summer Shandy is a lemonade-flavored beer that is designed to be a summertime favorite. The lemonade flavoring is distinctive without being over-powering. I probably wouldn’t drink this on a regular basis…but it’s more enjoyable than I expected.

  • Sean

    Having drank a lot of shandies in my day, I found this one less enjoyable than I would have expected. I would not drink it on a regular basis. I’m sorry but to complement a nice lemonade (which they’ve got here) you really just need a better lager to go with it, and Leinenkugel’s is just a little to … bitter. Thsis is pretty much the same reaction most people seem to having at Barley Buddy, with the exception of one person who loves it:



    • Josh

      Great point, Sean. This was actually my first Shandy, so I really have no frame of reference for it. I will definitely seek out some other variations of it in the future…which will probably impact my opinion of the Leinenkugel offering.


  • Rob

    I too thought this to be more bitter than expected or necessary. I am a homebrewer and think of myself as fairly tolerant of “off center” beers. However, I have three bottles in my fridge that won’t be consumed by me.


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