Wolaver’s Alta Gracia Coffee Porter

August 28th, 2011 by in Other Beer Reviews

Unfortunately Wolaver’s website is under construction but I did a little digging to get you guys some back story about this brew….

The selling point of Wolaver’s Alta Garcia Coffee Porter is that they use organic coffee from the Costa Rican farming village of Alta Gracia. The organic coffee is grown by the farmers, and they are paid fair prices for their product. Alta Garcia is also an educational farm where locals can learn organic coffee farming techniques themselves and make a living by selling their shade-grown coffee to companies like Wolavers. Pretty cool, right?

I honestly didn’t know any of the history when I ordered this beer while in Vermont awhile back. I try to order the local brews wherever I am and this was just one of the VT brews I tried over the weekend.

Now, I LOVE me some good coffee. I’m slightly addicted to the stuff and need my morning dose or else I am NOT one you want to mess with. Wolaver’s Coffee Porter? OMG… a coffee lovers dream. This seriously tasted like a stronger iced coffee, with a slight beer kick. Would it be wrong to have a pint with my morning cereal? 🙂 I found this on tap throughout the weekend so I did have it a few more times, in between snowboarding and other beer tastings. (Yes, this photo was from snowboarding season….I know it’s already almost September…shhh!)

Unfortunately this brew is seasonal, so keep an eye out around October or November, when it came out last year. I have recently tried their Wildflower Wheat, which I enjoyed and I hear they also have a fabulous pumpkin ale in the fall!

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