Kingfisher Blue

September 29th, 2011 by in Other Beer Reviews

After having our fair share of Kingfisher Premium’s in India, we FINALLY found a place that served my friend’s favorite…Kingfisher Blue. Where did we find it? In the airport in Mumbai waiting for our flight home!


So, I’m not sure if something was lost in translation here but this is from their site:

It’s zingy, it’s young & it’s got a kick that appeals to those seeking thrill! Introducing Kingfisher Blue, one of the most unique offerings from the house of Kingfisher. It appeals to those who are young at heart & seek thrill for whatever they do in life. The packaging, the activities and the look and feel of the brand resonate this feel. Activities such as Blue Challenge, Gaming, Adventure sports, etc. go on to establish connect with those who seek nirvana through an adrenaline high!
Flavor: Creamy with a hint of malty note balanced with bitterness & a distinct alcoholic warming

After reading that… I’m young at heart and seek thrill, right?  🙂  Still didn’t work for me though.  Blue is pretty weak and doesn’t really taste like much.  I was expecting a lot more since my friend raved about it during our whole trip.   It had a smooth taste but didn’t do anything for me.  I guess considering the very few beer choices in India though, this would do the job but I would much rather a Kingfisher Premium if I had the choice.

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