Pilsner Urquell – Bohemian Pilsener classic example

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The Bohemian Pilsener style was first brewed in 1842 and can be considered the original clear, light-colored beer. When looking for an example to taste from this style Pilsner Urquell should be your first stop. When looking at the characteristics of this style you can taste the details in Pilsner Urquell.

Some key notes to this style to remember so that you can better enjoy the quality and effort that is put into making this beer. First the style is made using a decoction mash. Briefly a decoction mash is when the grains are mashing in the hot liquor (hot water) at a set temperature, which will be varied by each style and brewery. Then at set times a sample of the mash is removed and heated to a set temp or even boiled. Then brought back to the original mash with the remaining wort. This can be done multiple times depending on the brewery and the style. Please note that a decoction is very time consuming.

Characteristics to enjoy while partaking of this style include a crisp flavor that is complex, which can be thanks to the decoction mash, and then this beer will also be well-rounded and most of all you will be very refreshed by this lite style beer.


The aroma brings out a fresh slightly toasted malt sweetness that is balanced by a subtle yet enjoyable spicy hop aroma

The flavor profile is that of a rich malty complex sweetness that is balanced by the spicy earthy hoppiness. There is a slight spicy after taste that lingers or mellows away.

The appearance is a brilliant clear gold with a decent cream or off-white foam head that when served properly will be persistent through out your enjoyment.

The mouthfeel/impression is one of a medium bodied with a small bit more than a medium carbonation level. This makes for a very refreshing beverage that can be enjoyed at any time in any situation.

If I was to be given a choice of one lite beer; the Pilsner style would be my choice and Pilsner Urquell would be the brew I would pick of that style. I hope you can get an opportunity to try this brew soon and see how enjoyable this beer can be.

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