Tin Roof Brewing Co. Blonde Ale

July 4th, 2012 by in Other Beer Reviews

Happy Independence Day! Today’s review is one you won’t find in a Disney park, but it’s one that I’ve been personally interested in trying for a while because Tin Roof’s home is Baton Rouge, LA. Baton Rouge is also home to my alma mater, LSU.  Tin Roof was founded in 2010, after I had graduated, but Blonde Ale has an interesting story.

Blonde Ale was originally known as Bandit Blonde Ale with special can art and everything. Why Bandit Blonde? It was named after the defensive unit known as the Chinese Bandits on the 1958 LSU national championship football team. It was produced under this name for a short time until LSU decided to cancel its plans for an officially licensed beer. Without the agreement, the beer dropped the Bandit name and became simply known as Blonde Ale. The can retains its purple and gold colors, however.

This is a simple but tasty blonde ale; the golden-colored ale has a grainy scent and a mostly grainy taste with a bit of citrus, spice, and bitterness thrown in. Carbonation is fairly high, and it’s crisp and clean.

Personally, I would have loved this to have been the officially licensed beer of LSU, but either way it’s a worthy choice for a nice hot day or even your tailgate party (LSU football is 59 days away, in case you were wondering).

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