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While on a trip to Peru in May, we (Pat and Jenn) were able to sample the local Peruvian beer, Cusquena. It’s a Peruvian beer that is popular even with the locals. It’s nothing spectacular, just a typical pale lager.  However, after hiking for hours upon days in Peru with deprived oxygen on our way to Machu Picchu, seeing this bottle with the gold foil was like heaven at each stop.  Not sure if I (Pat) enjoyed it so much because I was exhausted and just wanted any beer, or if it was really that good.



I (Jenn) definitely agree with Pat!  It was very drinkable but nothing mind blowing.  It went well with many of the Peruvian specialties, except the guinea pig.  I don’t think anything goes with guinea pig.

And yes, that’s right …. they eat guinea pig in Peru…. and of course we had to try it.  Jenn only tried a tiny piece but Pat needed to go all out and order this beauty….

It's not road kill!

It’s not road kill!

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