Jester King Boxer’s Revenge Organic Barrel-Aged Wild Ale

February 18th, 2013 by in Other Beer Reviews


On George Orwell’s Animal Farm, Boxer was a strong work horse who was eventually killed after being overworked. The name for this Jester King beer, Boxer’s Revenge, suggests an alternate ending to Boxer’s story.

Boxer worked himself nearly to death for the pigs and was repaid by being sent off to the glue factory. But what if Boxer escaped from the glue truck, got back to that farm and said, “It’s payback time!” (We imagine a Rambo-esque bloodbath of vigilante justice and vintage Arnold-quality one liners, with an obvious setup for “Boxer’s Revenge II: The Clydesdale Retribution.”) In the end, Boxer would find an old, abandoned farm, where he’d build a brewery and work even harder than before… only this time not for the pigs.

IMG_5392Jester King is a farmhouse brewery outside of Austin, TX that produces some very interesting beers. They produce a number of saisons as well as a number of sour beers. Boxer’s Revenge falls in the latter group; it’s a wild ale aged in whiskey and wine barrels. The beer from these barrels is then blended together and bottled in 750ml bottles. Boxer’s Revenge is 10.2% ABV and also organic. All of this comes at a cost, of course. Boxer’s Revenge is by no means a cheap beer; the aforementioned 750ml bottle will run around $16. The cost of this one made me think twice about purchasing.

Boxer’s Revenge pours a cloudy pale orange with a large foamy white head. The nose is funky yeast and a little bit of wood. When taking a sip, lots of sour fruit hits the tongue, especially lemons and grapes. Lots of tang and a lingering sour flavor take hold of the palate. The hops aren’t very noticeable in Boxer’s Revenge, so not a lot of bitterness here. It even a little bit of a vinegar flavor in a funky finish. There’s light carbonation despite the fairly large head. It’s not very thick but it lingers on the palate.

This is a delicious beer and well worth the $16 for 750ml. Jester King has made a name for themselves in Texas despite only being in production for two years. Distribution outside of Texas is limited, so if you happen to see a beer in a wine-like bottle with a crazy label, grab one and give it a try!

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