Singlecut Eric More Cowbell Stout

March 19th, 2013 by in Other Beer Reviews

I’ve got a fever…. and the only cure?

From the Singlecut Beersmiths, who unfortunately I hadn’t heard of until we went to Ginger Man in NYC. The awesome name of the brew caught my eye first, and the review from the server sold me. I can you NOT want to try a beer that pays homage to the BEST SNL skit ever. What? You’ve never seen the skit???  Please sit back and enjoy….

From the Singlecut site… “We’ve Got a Fever – and there is only one cure:  a lusciously creamy, slightly sweet stout that sits atop a chocolate and roast malt base that will rock all night long.”


Definitely enjoyed this one and if there weren’t 69 other beers on tap and another 150 in bottles?  I would have had another one.  But this was the first beer I chose, so that’s saying something.  This was definitely a little lighter than expected, and nice and smooth.  Wasn’t as bitter as the server made it out to be.  Slight caramel flavor towards the end, and dare I say possibly a hint of root beer float?  Definitely recommend this to anyone that can find it!

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