Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shutdown

May 21st, 2013 by in Other Beer Reviews

First and foremost. How many spelling errors do you think will be in this post?


Second. I got a puppy.


Third. (Thirdly?) Stock photo.


Have I found my favorite beer?


Because that’s like picking a favorite kid, you can’t, you love them equally.

However, you do go through times/seasons, if you will, where you have a favorite kid, I’m sure. Where he/she just really isn’t being an a$$hole and is generally awesome to hang out with, right? Other times you want to punch that kid in the face. I’m currenty in the season where the above is my favorite beer. I’m sure I’ll move on..

But let’s talk.

9.75 ABV (Yowza)

Hoppy. (Of course)

Seasonal. (Bummer)

Cool name. (Obvi)

Based on a cool TRUE story. (Here.)

So yadda yadda, Lagunitas = expense 6 packs, fantastic beer. Check your local Total Wine or specialty beer spot and try to find it yadda yadda. Speaking of speciality beer spots, if you’re in NC check these out:

City Beverage.

Deep Roots Market.

The Brewer’s Kettle.

These places are awesome and local and you need to scour your city on sites like Yelp, etc, to find some near you!

But what I really want to discuss here is this…

Is the Charles Ramsey Dead Giveaway song better than the Bed Intruder song? This choice has been affecting me.

You decide.


Charles Ramsey

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