Stone Stochasticity Project Quadrotriticale

July 14th, 2014 by in Other Beer Reviews

Remember the semi-mysterious Stocasticity Project? I know we’ve talked about it somewhere before, but I can’t seem to find it. It doesn’t seem to have been an article; perhaps it was a Twitter conversation instead…

Ah, here’s an Instagram of the first beer to come from it; Grapefruit Slam IPA.

Long story short, the Grapefruit Slam IPA was released without a name on it, but as they say in The Legend of Zelda:

Secret to Everybody

This time, Stone didn’t bother with this foolishness and put their name on the bottle. It’s now the Stone Stochasticity Project and their latest effort is called Quadrotriticale. On the front of the bottle it appears to be “Quadro Triticale” but on the back it’s spelled as one word and is a reference to the original series of Star Trek.

What is triticale? According to the great bastion of knowledge Wikipedia, triticaleis a hybrid of wheat (Triticum) and rye (Secale) first bred in laboratories during the late 19th century” in Scotland and Sweden. The flaked triticale is used a malt to give this Belgian quad a twist and more of a rye flavor.


Reddish brown with a smaller off-white head, the titricale malt shows up as a bit of a rye scent along with the candi sugar and yeast. Quite a bit of spice and a bit of peppery rye in the taste along with the sweetness usually found in a Belgian quad. Maybe a little bit of bubblegum in there as well. Light carbonation and a finish that’s hard to put a single flavor on: a bit of rye bread, a bit of the spice, and just a bit of bitterness as it fades away.

Overall, it’s a nice effort but isn’t one of my favorite quads. Don’t expect a St. Bernardus Abt 12 or a Rochefort 10 and you’ll probably enjoy it.

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