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Sea Dog Blue Paw Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale

I wanted to like this beer…I really did. But I just couldn’t do it. The initial taste of the beer was meh. Nothing to write home about. The aftertaste though made up for it slightly, but it tasted like I had just eaten a blueberry muffin, but not what a beer should taste like. Strange…. → Read More

Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier

I might be able to officially proclaim this as my new favorite beer!  I’m a sucker for a GOOD German Weiss beer and this was fabulous.  A little spicy kick but still sweet.  Swore I tasted apricot but it’s just the yummy wheat 🙂 Coming from the World’s Oldest Brewery, I’m guessing they know a… → Read More

Starting off the festivities…Rogue Mocha Porter

Since I’m on a Rogue kick, started off with this beauty….Fell in love right away.  Coffee & chocolate flavors were fabulous. Dare I say that it reminded me of Guinness yet slightly smoother and lighter? Hope everyone had a great New Year!

Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Tried this at the bar last night and it was decent!  Smooth yet slightly bitter…a tad too hoppy and heavy for me to want to drink more than one of these a night though. (Must remember to bring point & shoot to the bar to avoid these pics in the future….) A little history from… → Read More

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