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Stone 17th Anniversary Götterdämmerung IPA

Stone tends to make bitter beers. Götterdämmerung IPA is no exception, and especially as an anniversary beer it should be expected. Sometimes, however, Stone seems to brew the same beer and put it in a different bottle. I recently had their R&R Coconut IPA and there was absolutely no coconut taste in it. I even had… → Read More

The 2012 Brewsies!

That’s right, we’re back with another installment of the Brewsies! Today is our two year anniversary and it’s time for everyone’s favorite fake awards! Here we go… Furthest trip to visit a brewery: Katie traveled all the way to Petaluma, CA to visit the Lagunitas brewery! Shortest trip to visit a brewery: Scott stayed in Houston… → Read More

Stone 16th Anniversary IPA

Every year Stone Brewing makes a special limited release beer for their anniversary. Some years it has been an IPA, other years it has been a different type of ale, but each year they try to do something special. This year for their 16th anniversary Stone decided to brew an IPA that featured lemon flavors…. → Read More

The First Annual Brewsies!

Today we’re celebrating something special. No, we’re not celebrating Dame Judi Dench’s birthday! However, without her we wouldn’t be thanking the Phonecians, so happy birthday! The real cause for celebration today is that it’s our 1 year anniversary! To celebrate, we’re having a sort of awards show. Unfortunately, we have no budget for such an… → Read More

Independence Brewing 6th Anniversary Braggot

Second up tonight is a braggot by Independence Brewing. Honey is the theme of this beer, although to be honest I’m not sure I enjoy it more than the Abita Christmas. It’s a good beer for sure, but comparatively I think I would rather drink the Christmas Ale. I’ll probably be sipping on this until… → Read More

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