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Stella Artois Cidre

InBev decided to expand the Stella Artois line by adding a cider, or “Cidre”. I guess that’s supposed to make it sound fancy. The bottle also claims that it’s made with hand-picked apples. Is it? Who knows. I picked up this bomber (24 ounces) of Cidre for around $6.00 at the store. At the 2014… → Read More

A Trip to the Angry Orchard

Recently Disney seems to be adding more gluten free options to its selection. The newly-opened Art of Animation Resort has a few gluten free options in its food court Landscape of Flavors. One of these is the hard cider I’m trying tonight: Angry Orchard Hard Cider from Cleveland, OH. Turns out Angry Orchard has a couple… → Read More

Unibroue Éphémère (Apple)

This brew is one of Ed‘s and @KimberKnight‘s favorites; Unibroue Éphémère.  The word éphémère means ephemeral in French. defines ephemeral as “lasting a very short time”. Something I did not know prior to writing this is that Éphémère is actually a series of beers whose fruit content changes with the season. The one I have here is apple, the most… → Read More

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