Carlsberg – A Danish Beer in Norway

May 31st, 2011 by in Walt Disney World Beer Reviews

In Epcot, Carlsberg can be found in Norway in World Showcase. However, Carlsberg (the beer) hails from Denmark, not Norway. Wikipedia has an entire article about beer in Norway that details its history. The major beer-producing company for both Norway and Denmark is Carlsberg-Ringnes. The Ringnes side of Carlsberg-Ringnes is based in Oslo, Norway, while the Carlsberg side, as noted before, is Danish. Therefore, it would be more appropriate to serve one or more Ringnes beers instead of Carslberg as those are actual Norwegian beers.

Anyway, Carlsberg is a pilsner that’s light and to be honest a bit lacking in the taste department. It’s drinkable but nothing exciting. If we were playing Betamouse‘s “Win, Fail or Meh” game, this would most certainly fall under Meh.

  • Brian

    Before Carlsberg bought Ringnes, they used to have Ringnes available at Norway in the World Showcase. Unfortunately, it too would fall under “Meh”! Here’s dreaming that one day Epcot will sell beers from the Aass (of the funny name) Brewery of Drammen, Norway.


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