Summit Unchained Series #6 Gold Sovereign

June 16th, 2011 by in Other Beer Reviews

Summit’s First brew to use 100% organic malt that was malted the old fashioned way: by hand on the floor. The recipe for this Pale Ale was inspired from Victorian era beer. There is definite hop forward flavor to this beer with a bready malt balancing the delicate fruit flavors of pear, apricot and spicy orange.

If you ever wanted to know what beers tasted like a century ago, this should be your first choice in your tasting. With that being said, good luck in finding one.

Summit has been doing the Unchained Series for roughly over a year now. I don’t have the dates for the first series but I do believe it was early 2010 when it was released. There have been no word about any of these beers coming back or put into seasonal rotation. Personally there are a few that I wish I would have kept or stocked up on as they were very good and could possibly get better with age.

Sorry Brian for not serving this in the proper glass, but I was too thirsty and hungry to take the time to wash my pint glass for this beer. Thanks for reading and let me know what you think.

Summit Brewing Unchained Series

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