Orlando Brewing Certified Organic Beer Sampler at the Wave

September 28th, 2011 by in Walt Disney World Beer Reviews

Grabbed a quick lunch at the Wave in May and noticed that they had a beer sampler of 3 different 5oz samples of Orlando Brewing Organic Beer.  Who am I to argue with trying 3 beers instead of 1?

The presentation was definitely nice, as seen in the photo.  Underneath each glass was a brief description of the beer above so you can keep track of what you’re trying.  I hate to say it but none of them were extremely memorable but I enjoyed them all!


From left to right….

Blonde Ale: The local favorite is a light bodied blonde ale with a subtle malt sweetness and a crisp, dry finish

Might be a local favorite but I barely remember it!  I remember thinking it was slightly watery but that was also b/c I was comparing it to the pale and brown ales next to it.  I know I didn’t hate it.


Pale Ale: An all American style amber gold pale ale that blends caramel malt flavor and zesty citrus-toned Cascade hops for the perfect balance

I think this one was my favorite.  It was slightly fruity and malty….and not hoppy at all.


Brown Ale: Hop sharpness dominates the malty richness. The malt plays a supporting role with some toasty and caramel malt character

Second favorite of the bunch, slightly nutty and smooth.


I know I’ve seen Orlando Brewing on tap at a few other bars on property (Raglan Road maybe?) so give them a try if you see them!



  • Gary

    I have to say that I wasn’t personally overly impressed. The beers were decent, no doubt, but I had expected more. It’s almost like each flavor was one note. For example, it’s clear the Pale only used the same type of hops for bittering and finishing. Didn’t seem to be a balanced hoppiness to me. But I’m a dedicated hop head. Plus that day I had spent at last year’s Food & Wine Festival sampling 15 beers for 15 years.


  • Tank

    What are the hours of the Wave? I might need to mosey over to the Contemporary in December!


  • Jenn

    Tank….I believe it normally closes at 10pm, but might stay open later during busy times. You can always ask the front desk at your hotel when you get there and they can find out for you!


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