Shiner Kosmos Reserve

July 17th, 2011 by in Other Beer Reviews

Shiner Kosmos Reserve, named after Kosmos Spoetzel, is the fifth of six beers in the Shiner Family Reunion six pack. Kosmos Spoetzel was the first Shiner brewmaster and also the namesake of the Spoetzel Brewery.

Here’s the label text:

Kosmos Spoetzel knew how to brew great beer. Born in Bavaria, Kosmos’ mastery of German brewing carried him as far as Egypt before he found his way to the small Texas town of Shiner. Our proud brewery still carries his name and commitment to excellence in brewing. This full-flavored, hop-jacked lager is every bit as unique as the man himself and our way of saluting the brewmaster who started it all. Prosit!

Prosit is a German toast meaning “may it prove beneficial”. It’s much like saying “Cheers!”

What we have here is a lager, however, that I find a bit watery and dull despite it being “hop-jacked” according to Shiner’s marketing team. There’s nothing wrong with the beer at all; it’s easy to drink and goes down very smoothly. However, there’s not much that’s interesting about the beer.

One more Shiner beer to go before we bring this family reunion to an end!

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