Shiner Hefeweizen

July 5th, 2011 by in Other Beer Reviews

Ed reviewed Shiner Hefeweizen (originally called Honey Wheat) back in December and loved it. Since it’s part of the Shiner Family Reunion, now it’s my turn to try this one. It’s a nice shade of golden orange and a bit cloudy; flavors of wheat and lemon are dominant in this beer. It’s fairly light, but quite refreshing with a good flavor. This would be a good beer for a hot day (every day this time of year is a hot day in Houston). I’m agreeing with Ed here; this beer is good!

Since we’ve been talking about the Spoetzl Brewery, how about a little information on Shiner, TX? It’s a small town; only a little over 2,000 people live there. The town is named after Henry Shiner, who donated 250 acres for the railroad. According to the Shiner Chamber of Commerce, a hot spot in town is Howard’s Convenience Store, which has nine beers on tap and everything you’d expect from a convenience store and more. Shiner is about 120 miles from Houston; a couple of hours drive will get you there and the brewery hosts tours on weekdays.

Three out of four beers in the Shiner Family Reunion so far have been good; two more to go!

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