Dos Equis Ambar

January 18th, 2012 by in Walt Disney World Beer Reviews

“…a rich, robust flavored beer with the smooth drinkability of a classic dark-style lager.”

Um, no.

Okay, fine, I’ll give the marketing person who wrote that line on Dos Equis Ambar’s back label credit for the smooth drinkability. It’s smooth alright (is it possible to be too smooth?), because it’s very easy to drink.

On the other hand, water has about as much flavor as this lager. Rich and robust this beer is not. There’s some biscuit flavor in there, but I can’t really comment any more than this because I’m just not getting much flavor out of this beer at all.

Dos Equis Ambar, usually referred to as Dos Equis Amber at Walt Disney World, can be found, as of this writing, throughout the Mexico pavilion in World Showcase.

  • NT3

    I don’t really get the need to separate the Ambar from “regular” Dos Equis. But I’m not going to bemoan it too much. It’s light, refreshing on a hot day, and if you throw a lime in it it’s a much better alternative to (GASP) Corona!


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