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Norther Brewer

Another Dam Beer?

Aroma:    Not as skunky as I was expecting. Almost no skunky aroma. There is plenty of sweet pale malt aroma with some corn sweetness. Light floral presence in the nose, but if this beer gets too much light those hops oils will convert to skunk. Note, drink fast if you’re outside or the sun can change that aroma for you.

Appearance:     It’s another pale yellow golden European Lager. There’s not much to say here. Thick head that does disappear to form a thin layer of white bubbles.

Flavor:     This has a stronger malt flavor than the Amstel Light which is expected but still has a presence of adjuncts which make for a light easy drinker. Not as much carbonation as other Euro Lagers, this makes for a easier drinking experience and less carbon acid.

Mouthfeel:     Smooth body that contains a bit of a astringency in the finish.

Overall:     This would be a good beer to have with a light meal  as it might not have the presence with bolder flavors, this does wash down the food very well and does not give much alcohol warmth so you could easily drink a few of these. It could be worse to drink something other than this Heineken, for instance it could have been a Heineken light.

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