Founders Double Trouble IPA

April 23rd, 2012 by in Other Beer Reviews

Hey! Let’s talk about the Mitten. No, silly. I don’t mean gloves. I mean THE Mitten. The best state.


By the way I’m just reading now that Wisconsin is trying to call themselves the Mitten. Come on, guys. I digress.

Ah, pure Michigan. Great lakes, great coney dogs, great people that say pop not soda, and great beer!

Founders Brewery is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This brewery, like many craft breweries, has great beer, a great taproom, fun events and just an overall awesome attitude. No doubt, last year, this brewery was rated by as the second best in the WORLD.  Their year long line up of beers includes:

The Dirty Bastard

Centennial IPA

Red’s Rye IPA

Pale Ale


All Day IPA

They also have seasonal and special brews. Basically after researching this place, I’m DYING to try the rest of their beers and I’m pretty positive this August when I make my return to Michigan I may just prance over to their brewery and ask if they need a pin-up model to talk about their beers. Especially now that my new hair cut is so cute.

New hair cut!

At this amazing restaurant in Charlotte, NC, I was able to try a specialty brew. The Founders Double Trouble IPA. This brew is 9.4% ABV. NINE . FOUR PERCENT. I love the description. “An imperial IPA that was brewed to turn your world upside down.”

Stock photo!

It is a hoppy little hug to your tongue. I wanted to cuddle with it on the couch and watch a movie. I wanted to take it to the park for a picnic. I wanted to put on a little black dress just so it would tell me I’m gorgeous. This is a freaking fantastic beer.

You can follow the Brewery on Twitter @foundersbrewing, like them on Facebook here, and go to their website here to find out where you can get their beer. Tweet me @kidanikatie and tell me what you think about this Michigan gem!

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