Walt Disney World Beer List iOS App Version 1.3!

April 27th, 2012 by in Beer Apps

We’ve been listening to your requests, and version 1.3 of the Walt Disney World Beer List app contains one of the most popular ones. Since day one app users have been requesting a checklist feature, and it’s something we’ve been working on for a while.

Each beer on the WDW Beers tab of the app now has a little circle next to it. Simply touch the circle to check off a beer; the circle fills in with a green checkmark icon. Checked something by mistake? Touch the checkmark, and it goes away. Easy, right?

Our Walt Disney World Beer List is always changing; for example, the menu at Cabana Bar and Beach Club recently received a significant overhaul. Some of the beers that Cabana Bar dropped from the menu were only served there, so they dropped off the WDW Beer List as well. However, should those beers return, the checkmark for those beers would also return if they were checked.

Also, checked beers are synced to iCloud! If for any reason the app needs to be reinstalled (new device, restoring a device as new, etc.), the app will sync up the checkmarks from iCloud. Usually this happens right when the data loads up, but can sometimes take a few moments longer depending on network speed.

If the Walt Disney World Beer List app is already on your phone, the update should appear in the App Store app. Otherwise, click here to download!

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