Official Beer List for Primavera Kitchen at 2013 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

February 8th, 2013 by in Walt Disney World Beer Reviews

italyIt gives me great pleasure to announce that I was dead wrong about the Primavera Kitchen booth in Italy for Epcot Flower and Garden Festival 2013. I spoke with Eric Bandauski at the Patina Group and he filled me in on which Italian craft beers would be available at the booth during the festival. All three beers are new to the Walt Disney World property and were chosen for the springtime theme. Here are the beers and descriptions straight from Eric.

1)     Birrificio Del Ducato – Nuova Mattina (Spring Saison Ale)

Nuova Mattina is an ode to spring: a light, refreshing  ale with hints of wild flowers, chamomile and green bell peppers. Traditionally, it was brewed in the winter so as to be ready to pay their farmhands in spring and summer.

2)     Birrificio Le Baladin – Nora (Specialty Ale)

What makes this beer so special is the fact that it uses an ancient Mediterranean recipe.  Nora is composed of a local Mediterranean un-malted grain, Kamut, and seasoned with fresh ginger, orange peel and myrrah.  It first bursts with orange, apricot and mango aromas, then the spices become apparent; the finish is permeated with balsamic sweetness.

3)     Birra Del Borgo – Rubus Lamponi (Specialty Wild Fruit Ale)

Rubus Lamponi is a once-a-year offering from Birra Del Borgo brewery made with wild raspberries from the Alto Adige region in northern Italy.  The raspberries are mashed into the beer and thus allowed to spontaneously ferment, which creates a deep ruby colored beer with an intense raspberry aroma. This beer leaves the drinker with a sweet, dry, tart finish.

All three of these sound delicious. If you’re heading to the Flower and Garden Festival and enjoy beer, stop by Italy and check out their unique selection!

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