Scott’s June Walt Disney World Trip: The Extras

May 29th, 2013 by in Walt Disney World Trip Articles


With under two weeks to go, the Magical Express tags are here and it’s only a matter of packing and time before we head to Disney World! I’m starting to get in that stage of checking and rechecking to make sure we have everything (even though in some cases I know I already have it). I also need to charge camera batteries, clear off memory cards, and everything else you might think of for heading to Walt Disney World.

If you’ve missed the previous articles in this series, take a look at these:

Of course, I’m not just going to Disney World to drink beer. However, I have two more things I’d like to do as far as beer is concerned. One of the following has been on my mind for a while, but the other one just came up in the last day or two!

Raglan Road: Do you know how I sold my mother on Port Orleans Riverside? I told her it had a boat to Downtown Disney so she can go shopping. I, however, would like to get down to Raglan Road and try a Cigar City Jai Alai IPA.

Big River’s Belgian Golden: We’ve already discussed Big River and its lack of advance reservations, but they will be releasing Belgian Golden, a new seasonal, this Thursday!


Needless to say, I’m interested and looking to try this when I visit.

Who knows, I might squeeze in some other beer surprises while I’m there, but these are the plans for now! Also, if you’re going to be in Walt Disney World in June and want to say hi, let me know!

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