What Beer Would They Drink? – Beauty and the Beast Edition

February 6th, 2014 by in What Beer Would They Drink?

Welcome to “What Beer Would They Drink?”, the new series of articles that tries to find a suitable beer for Disney characters. Today’s inaugural edition takes a look at Beauty and the Beast!


Like Gaston

Even though Gaston’s Tavern in Walt Disney World’s Fantasyland serves a frozen fruity beverage called LeFou’s Brew, the patrons of Gaston’s Tavern in the movie are clearly drinking beer. Also, with the direct evidence of them sloshing it around and splashing it everywhere in the bar, it’s probably not very good beer. Since this movie takes place in France, I think Gaston would go with the Budweiser of France, Kronenbourg 1664. Since LeFou is Gaston’s stooge who tries to emulate and suck up to Gaston, he’s also drinking Kronenbourg. You could even take this a step further and say everyone in Gaston’s Tavern is drinking Kronenbourg.


Beer From the Great Wide SomewhereBelle’s palate is probably a bit more sophisticated despite her provincial life. France is really known more for wine rather than beer, and I really can’t see Belle chugging Kronenbourg at the bar. Instead, Belle would sit back with a book and a glass of something like Birra del Borgo Caos or Dogfish Head Noble Rot. Both are beer/wine hybrids that have a bit of a wine-like flavor to them.


Nights Like This

Did you know alcohol can help your creativity? What do you think Maurice was doing when he invented that log chopping machine? (Why do you think they’re always drinking on Mad Men? I digress.) Belgium is right next to France; it’s feasible that someone could be importing beer from Belgium into France. Maurice probably has some St. Bernardus Abt 12, a Belgian abbey ale with a high alcohol content, stashed away to help get the creative juices flowing.

The Beast

Westy XII

Let’s face it, the Beast probably has a nice beer cellar to go along with the champagne that’s popping everywhere during the “Be Our Guest” sequence. Unlike the champagne, which is probably authentic French champagne, the beer is probably from Belgium. He sends out for Westvleteren XII, brings in as much from Cantillon as possible, and would pretty much live out any beer geek’s dream with the access he has to Belgium. He shares some of his “lesser stock” (Saison Dupont, Chimay Blue) with those who dine at the Be Our Guest Restaurant. Obviously he can’t go get it himself (at least until after the movie is over), but I’m sure he’s found ways to acquire a nice selection of beer.

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