Mailbag Monday – Is Nancy Reagan Alive Edition

May 19th, 2014 by in Mailbag Monday


Here’s something new we’re going to try; send us your questions via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, email, or Instagram and we’ll answer them in this Mailbag Monday article.

First off, special thanks to James and Jim for sending beer list updates! The Territory Lounge beer menu has changed to the “expanded standard” beer list which is a pretty nice selection. Big River is also now serving Blood Orange IPA!

Our first question comes from Kim via Twitter:

First, yes, Nancy Reagan is still with us. Fortunately, we don’t believe crack/cocaine was involved in the results of the Disney Beer Tournament, so we aren’t in need of her “Just Say No” services (yet). Could you imagine that scandal though? “Voters on Disney/Beer Site Smoking Crack” scrolling across the bottom of news channels? You know they’d run with it too, because it would distract from anything important going on.

And yes, the tournament was crazy this year. We love the tournament, but this year was a whole different animal than the first two. Imagine our surprise when we had an email from the Orlando Sentinel in our box the day it started. All the tweets and comments (Facebook and on the site) were incredibly fun. People were convinced the fix was in on multiple occasions, when all we can really do is watch the votes come in. Polar (the polling system) puts the same blocks on us to prevent multiple votes as it does on everyone else.

If there was a fix, it was thanks to the power of social media. Cigar City’s followers descended on the site in the final round especially. Unfortunately, we have a while to wait for the next tournament. It would be fun if we could come up with another game for the fall, but we’ll have to figure out what that could be.

Michael from Colorado (a real beer state, he proclaims) writes via email:

Some (but not all) members of our family really enjoy your website. Curious, if we had a few hours of freedom, where can we find a good selection of California beers on tap at Disneyland? Anywhere – hotels, restaurants, parks, downtown Disney.

Specifically, a real good California IPA on tap?

Keep up the good work. I send your site to anybody I know who likes beer and must travel to a Disney park.

First of all, we’ll easily admit that our Disneyland Beer List is not up to the caliber of our Walt Disney World Beer List. We don’t get out that way as often, and we don’t get as many tips about the beer there. If you’re out that way and our list doesn’t jive with what you’re seeing, let us know!

Unfortunately, you’re not going to find Russian River’s Pliny the Elder or something similar in Disneyland itself. Here are a few suggestions:

As far as Disneyland locations go, you’ll be limited to California Adventure, Downtown Disney, and the hotels as they don’t serve in Disneyland park (unless you have a way into Club 33). We especially like the Carthay Circle Theater and the Sonoma Terrace in California Adventure and the UVA Bar in Downtown Disney.

Be sure to send us your questions. They can be about Disney, beer, people in Disney theme parks, relationship advice, or whatever you want to send. We’ll be sure to post reminders to send in questions, but as long as we have questions to answer we’ll try to put out a Mailbag Monday!

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