Karbach Brewing Co. Cherries of Fire 2013

August 30th, 2013 by in Other Beer Reviews

The song has a bit of an EPCOT Center vibe, doesn’t it?

Chariots Cherries of Fire is Karbach Brewing Co.’s F.U.N. Series #006. We’re back on track with the numbering after the late release of Roll in the Hay. This one is Karbach’s Hellfighter put into bourbon barrels with cherries added.

This release makes half of the F.U.N. Series various batches of Hellfighter aged in bourbon barrels. While I do enjoy these, I’d like to see additional batches of the other F.U.N. beers (Bodacious and Fra-Gee-Lay especially) and some new ones.


Scents of bourbon and cherries fill the nose. Tan head with black liquid. Bourbon and boozy up front like BBA Hellfighter but with the added tartness of the cherries. Surprising right? Medium bodied and the roasted malt makes an appearance lingering on the palate.

The cherries give the BBA Hellfighter a little extra something but it still comes down to your appreciation of barrel aged beers. Personally I think it’s great but if you aren’t much of a bourbon barrel aged fan you can easily skip this as much of the flavor comes from the bourbon.

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