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Samuel Adams Imperial White

I bought another pick 6 from the grocery store, and Samuel Adams Imperial White is the first brew out of the pack. Wow, this beer delivers a kick in the teeth! It has a strong citrus taste with a alcoholic bite. This is quite a sweet beer and lacks a hoppy bitterness though. It’s also… → Read More

Samuel Adams Brewmasters Collection: Blackberry Witbier

Tonight’s beer is part of Samuel Adams’ Brewmasters Collection. Blackberry Witbier is an underwhelming brew in my opinion. It reminds me of Abita’s Purple Haze but with less flavor. Yes, Purple Haze is made with raspberries and this is made with blackberries, but the beers are very similar. Still, I’d grab a Purple Haze long… → Read More

Virtual Tasting – Samuel Adams Boston Lager and Kronenbourg 1664

Today we present a new feature on Beers and Ears. Since we are spread across the United States, most of us can’t be in the same place at the same time to have beer tastings. Instead, we decided to have virtual tastings where each of us obtains the beer locally, tries it, writes a little… → Read More

Samuel Adams Winter Lager

Trying to stay away from the typical Bud and/or Miller in the American Adventure Pavilion, we went with the trusty Samuel Adams Seasonal, which was their Winter Lager. I’m a fan of beers that have a slight spice to them and enjoyed this one. Might actually like it better than their Oktoberfest! Paired it with… → Read More

Sam Adams Winter Lager

Pairing my Sam Adams Winter Lager with my frosty Vikings mug as I prepare to watch Monday Night Football. Go Falcons! I’m a Vikes fan, but an Atlanta local, so I’m rooting for the home team.

Sam Adams Winter Lager – Seasonal

‘Tis the Season! I try to focus on the seasonal products put out in order to get a variety throughout the year. I’m looking forward to trying the other Winter or Holiday selections soon!

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