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Samuel Adams – Irish Red

On this St. Patrick’s Day I had hoped I had a left over Harp in the fridge. No go. BUT…I did have an Irish Red waiting to celebrate the day.  It’s a malty ale with a caramel flavor to it.

Real Ale Sisyphus 2008 and 2010

A couple of weeks ago, Lindsay, Jackie, and I took a trip to the Flying Saucer to complete our portions of a project coming soon to Beers and Ears. After doing so, we all decided to have one more; I chose Sisyphus 2008 by Real Ale Brewing Co. in Blanco, TX. This 10% ABV beer… → Read More

BrewDog 5 A.M. Saint

Tonight I’m enjoying a beer called 5 A.M. Saint from a small Scottish brewery known as BrewDog.  The bottle refers to the beer as an “iconoclastic amber ale”, meaning that it is trying to destroy established conventions in the beer industry.  The side of the label can best be described as a rant against the… → Read More

Widmer Drifter Pale Ale

Finally…my last beer from my January Disney trip! Maybe I can actually catch up on all the other ones soon too. While at the bar waiting for our table at 50’s Prime Time, I had asked the bartender about the empty Drifter bottle on display. The conversation went a little like this: Me: So how’s… → Read More

Bass Ale

Scott prodded me, so here’s my 3rd beer of the evening, a Bass Ale. My first Bass was at the Harry Ramsden’s fish and chips shop in World Showcase. It was not my last. I don’t usually like Pale Ales, but Bass is different. It is one of my backups with any situation. When I… → Read More

Boddingtons Pub Ale

The other night I tried Boddingtons Pub Ale, one of the featured beers at the Rose and Crown in Epcot’s United Kingdom Pavilion.  However, as you can see above, Boddingtons packages its beer in cans to sell at the store.  This isn’t just any can, however.  Inside the can is beer pressurized by nitrogen and… → Read More

Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale

The second beer I picked up this week to try is Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale.  It’s a British beer that certainly lives up to its name.  Just over a pint of a very nutty brown ale with a nice bitterness that stays on the palate long after the sip has passed.  I would definitely… → Read More

Widmer Brothers Drifter Pale Ale

Earlier today I picked up a couple of new beers; the first one I’m trying is Widmer Brothers Drifter.  Although it’s classified as a pale ale, it’s fairly dark but extremely clear.  Drifter has a very strong grapefruit scent and the citrus theme continues once sipped.  It’s not too sweet and has a nice bitter… → Read More

Samuel Adams Scotch Ale

Here is something a little different. An ale with four malts. One of them is a rare peat-smoked malt used in Scotch whiskies…giving the beer a smoky flavor.

Goose island Mild Winter

Goose Island Mild Winter

Last post of the night.  First off…it’s borderline comical that anything associated with Chicago could use the term “Mild Winter”….but that’s what the Goose Island Beer Co. calls their winter ale.  It is described “this toffee-colored, soft-bodies American mild ale is brimming with spicy rye and rich caramel flavors.”  It’s not bad…but probably my least… → Read More

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