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Karbach Brewing Co. Bodacious 2012

Karbach has been coming out with one special edition beer after another recently; Bodacious is their most limited release. Labeled as the first in their F.U.N. series, they took Rodeo Clown double IPA and aged it in merlot barrels for several months. Sexy and smooth with legs for days, Bodacious is sure to arouse curiosity…. → Read More

Saint Arnold Endeavour IPA²

For the second time in about four months, Saint Arnold has re-released one of their single batch Divine Reserve beers. Last October for Halloween I reviewed Pumpkinator, the re-release of Divine Reserve #9 that Saint Arnold will now put out seasonally in the fall. Now I’m reviewing Endeavour, Saint Arnold’s newest year-round beer. It’s a… → Read More

Lagunitas Sucks Holiday Ale (Part Deux)

Lagunitas Sucks again? Didn’t Katie already review this beer? Yes, yes she did. Maybe I suck for reviewing it again. You decide. Lagunitas says they suck for not being able to make BrownShugga’ this year. In my opinion it’s for a good reason though. They didn’t have the capacity to make BrownShugga’, which takes a… → Read More

Lagunitas Sucks Holiday Ale

A Happy Holiday season to you all! This certainly is my favorite time of year. I hope it is yours too! And may yours be filled with peppermint cocoa, candy canes, kisses under the mistletoe and getting completely trashed and embarrassing yourself in front of the family because you had too much of this amazing… → Read More

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