Karbach Brewing Co. Bodacious 2012

November 9th, 2012 by in Other Beer Reviews

Karbach has been coming out with one special edition beer after another recently; Bodacious is their most limited release. Labeled as the first in their F.U.N. series, they took Rodeo Clown double IPA and aged it in merlot barrels for several months.

Sexy and smooth with legs for days, Bodacious is sure to arouse curiosity. After aging in barrels for several months, the hop aroma recedes slightly, giving way to a rich, velvety malt backbone combined with oak flavors from the barrel. Finally, upon swallowing, a delicate, lingering bitterness remains on the tounge. So enjoy this limited release in a group or in private…

Cloudy bronze color with orange highlights. Hops still fill the nose, but behind them a definite red wine scent. Very interesting blend of flavors; some oak flavors from the barrel, definite fruity taste of red wine along with a caramel flavor as well as the remaining bitter hop flavors. Although the biting bitterness of the original Rodeo Clown is subdued quite a bit, all the flavors blended together make for a very tasty beer. It’s a thicker, sticky beer with mild carbonation and the flavor lingers on the palate for quite a while.

This was definitely worth the premium price for this limited edition bomber. Karbach has impressed me over the last several months; even though I thought Krunkin Pumpkin wasn’t the ideal pumpkin beer, everything I’ve had from them has been quite good. Their Christmas beer, Yule Shoot Your Eye Out, came out on November 5 and I’ll be trying it soon!

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