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Version 1.2 of the Walt Disney World Beer List iPhone App Now Available!

We’re cranking out another update to our Walt Disney World Beer List iPhone app! What’s new this time? A new button on the WDW Beer List tab takes you to the new feature. The Locations button at the top left flips the WDW Beer List over to show you the locations list! Here you can find… → Read More

Walt Disney World Beer List iPhone App Updated to Version 1.1

Just a short note to let everyone know that our Walt Disney World Beer List iPhone app has been updated to version 1.1! It’s a small but useful update; location notations on the Beer List and Map tabs now show more location information. The images above show the changes. No more guessing where a location… → Read More

The Beers and Ears Walt Disney World Beer List iPhone App!

In a secret lab at an undisclosed location (not really, but it sounds cool), we’ve been hard at work. Now we’re ready to reveal a secret that’s been kept better than the iPhone 4 (despite our love for beer, this secret wasn’t left in a bar) . We’ve created an iPhone app that puts our… → Read More

App Review: Brewski Me

Hai. I like social media. And check in apps. Foursquare especially. Oh LOOK everyone HERE I AM! I digress. So when beer check in apps started appearing and I was contacted by a dev to review one, I died of happiness and went to a heaven filled with Lagunitas Pils. Brewski Me is free in… → Read More

App Review: Abita

Recently Abita Brewing released an iPhone app; being a big fan of Abita beer I downloaded it immediately. It does a few things, but most importantly it has a beer locator to let the user know where Abita beer can be found. Let’s look at the About screen first because it gives some information regarding… → Read More

App Review: Untappd

I never thought I would be doing an app review for Beers and Ears, but here we are.  Untappd, to put it simply, is Foursquare for beer.  Honestly, this is something I was hoping GetGlue would have added a long time ago; GetGlue currently tracks wine check-ins but not beer.  However, Untappd is a more… → Read More

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