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July 15th, 2011 by in Beer Apps


I like social media. And check in apps. Foursquare especially. Oh LOOK everyone HERE I AM!

I digress.

So when beer check in apps started appearing and I was contacted by a dev to review one, I died of happiness and went to a heaven filled with Lagunitas Pils.

Brewski Me is free in the iOS app store and pretty much the most bomb thing ever. Let’s go through it. You log into Brewski and register an ID. I’m kidanikatie. Come find me y’all!

So you sign up and you enter the app go over to the profile which is at the bottom, I think it says “me!” Click the little gears to customize your profile and link with Twitter, add a pic, talk about yourself hella. That is also where you can see your “beer stats” later.

Under the activity tab you can see how many of your friends are alcoholics! Oh hai Scott Oliver. And also see you and your “awards” (similar to badges in Foursquare). Also I don’t have a screen shot of it, (I’m in class! I’m trying here) but the beer garden is all the beers in the app and you can add more there if they are not currently logged.

So how do you check in? Click that big ol’ cap that says Drink! and start logging your beer. You find your beer and clicking it auto populates what it will post to your Twitter and Facebook if you’ve registered (you can edit this right where it says Drink Notes). Also, here’s a bomb feature, you can link with Gowalla so that when you check in a drink you are located there too! Pick bottle, can or draft and then “DRINK!” in the upper right hand corner. Easy peasy.

I don’t know why this is so fun. But I loves it. I love seeing what unique beers people are drinking. And the app is amazing. Look at that user interface! Oh hai wood grain.

Things I love:

  • The interface
  • The ease of posting a drink
  • The Gowalla integration
  • Lagunitas Pils
  • The beach
Things I’d like to see:
  • Picture uploads! PLEASE!
  • The ability to drink multiple beers of the same kind in a night and have a “drink tally” running. Hey.. I drink hella beers! This is a big one for me! I want to send my count to Twitter somehow!
  • That sketchy movie The Human Centipede, just to see what it is about

So have you downloaded Brewski Me? If you’re an iOS user I rate it highly above Untappd. So check it out. And have a beer! It’s on Scott tonight.

Update: The team at Brewski Me swearsies that picture uploads are coming! Like a BOSS!

  • Jenn

    downloading šŸ™‚ have been using untappd (whenever I get damn wifi on my ipod… come ONNNNN iphone 5!!!) and kinda like it. interested to see how this one is!


  • Tank

    Thanks for the recommendation! Can’t wait to try it out tomorrow!


  • Scott

    Like Katie, I also was able to beta test Brewski Me. The app has become one of my favorites. I can’t wait to try this out in Disney with the Gowalla integration since most of Walt Disney World is covered in Gowalla spots.

    This is so much better than Untappd. If you have an iOS device, get this app! I hope the devs have plans to expand to Android and other mobile OS’s eventually.


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