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Abita Fall Fest

Fall is here, and Lewis Black has some choice words for the coming of the season. ‘Oh, the leaves change color!’ – they change color for two days, then a big wind comes, you got nothing but sticks for the rest of the year. And then the weather is completely nonsense. You don’t even have… → Read More

Samuel Adams Octoberfest and a New Beer List

Avaliable from August to October, Samuel Adams Octoberfest is a seasonal beer for the Fall, even though most of us wouldn’t quite consider it to be Fall yet. To fully understand this beer, let’s first discuss Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is the biggest festival in the world; it takes place annually in Munich, Germany and lasts somewhere… → Read More

Altenmünster Oktoberfest at Sommerfest

Stop #5? Sommerfest for some Oktoberfest beer and bratwurst! When we went to order, I saw that there was an unknown Oktoberfest that I’d never heard of…Altenmünster Oktoberfest. I had to double check that it came from the correct tap when they handed it to me. MUCH lighter than what I expected it to be…. → Read More

Ayinger Oktober Fest-Märzen

Saw this in the refrigerator at Total Wine and was really hoping it would taste similar to Sam Adams Oktoberfest. I was let down. This isn’t one of my favorites.

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