Abita Fall Fest

October 11th, 2012 by in Other Beer Reviews

Fall is here, and Lewis Black has some choice words for the coming of the season.

‘Oh, the leaves change color!’ – they change color for two days, then a big wind comes, you got nothing but sticks for the rest of the year. And then the weather is completely nonsense. You don’t even have a proper Fall coat. Nothing you wear is right. You wake up, it’s sunny out, you put a coat on, you go out, you’re sweating like a pig, you take it off, then it’s cold. […] The sun’s out, you’re sweating, but there’s a breeze, so you’re freezing – it’s not weather it’s malaria!

However, for beer lovers fall is a wonderful time of year as the Oktoberfest beers, the pumpkin beers, and the other fall brews come out in full force. One such Oktoberfest (the proper name for these beers is a märzen) is Abita’s Fall Fest.

Fall Fest is an amber colored lager with a thin white head. Take a whiff of this and you’ll smell a lot of malty, bready scents and perhaps a light scent of honey. The taste is very similar; a straightforward malty lager with some sweetness and a touch of bitterness. It’s a fairly thin beer with light carbonation and a clean finish.

This has never been one of my favorite Abita beers; it’s drinkable and decent but there are much better Oktoberfest beers out there. I’m hoping to get my hands on some pumpkin beers and other märzens soon!

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