Abita Purple Haze and an Announcement

January 16th, 2011 by in Walt Disney World Beer Reviews

Tonight’s beer of choice is Abita Purple Haze.  It’s a raspberry wheat beer; the scent and the front end of the taste definitely lets you know raspberries were added to the beer.  The back end has a wheaty, grainy taste.  Purple Haze is very cloudy with an almost grapefruit-like color.  Honestly, this isn’t my favorite of the Abita beers.  I’ll drink it if it’s what’s available, but if there’s something better I’ll pass on the Purple Haze.

Purple Haze can be found at Walt Disney World and is on the menu at a couple of locations.  To assist with finding a beer at Walt Disney World, the Beers and Ears crew is compiling a beer list.  Our beer list already contains over 100 brews.  As we gather more information on each beer, the list will be updated to contain label information, links to posts from the Beers and Ears team, and, most importantly, locations around the Walt Disney World resort for each beer.  As of now, Purple Haze is one of the most complete entries in our list.  Our hope is that over time the beer list will be an easy reference to locate a brew in Walt Disney World.

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