Smithwick’s and Some App Thoughts

January 31st, 2012 by in Walt Disney World Beer Reviews

Smithwick’s is an Irish Red ale produced by Diageo, the same company that owns Guinness. If you were to visit Ireland and ask for a Smithwick’s, you would be drinking a similar ale, but the Smithwick’s served in Ireland is 3.8% alcohol by volume. In the United States, Smithwick’s is 4.5% ABV.

Although this is supposed to be an Irish Red ale, it’s tough to call the color of this beer anything but brown. If you let the light shine through it, some reddish hues appear. It has a bready and malty scent. Really not getting a whole lot of flavor out of this one. Some bready flavor similar to the nose, but fairly watery and overall not that great to drink. Smithwick’s, as of this writing, can be found at the veritable cornucopia of beer known as Raglan Road.

The Beers and Ears Walt Disney World Beer List iPhone app is on its third day and the response has been extremely positive! We really appreciate all the thoughts, comments, and compliments we’ve received the past two days. We’re already looking at ways to improve the app, including some suggestions that have been sent in by users. It turns out Apple requires a minimum number of reviews before the ratings start showing up on the App Store. Would you please help us out by reviewing the app in iTunes? We would be very grateful!

  • Ken

    Love the app, and just left a review. One thing I would like to see, and I am not sure if someone already said this, but is a list of venues and what beer you can get there. I know you already sort of do this with the map, but I always liked lists better…


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